Sergei Rublevsky: «We count on gold medals in Ugra»

In 2020 Khanty-Mansiysk will host the World Chess Olympiad for the second time. The Chief Coach of the Russian women's national team told about preparation for the international tournament.
Sergei Rublevsky: «We count on gold medals in Ugra»

— Sergei Vladimirovich, how are the teams being trained for the World Chess Olympiad: programme, tactics, strategy?

— The World Chess Olympiad is the most important team competition in the chess hierarchy, its medals are traditionally valued higher than those of the World Team Championship. Certainly, we are very pleased that Khanty-Mansiysk will hold this competition again, as it was in 2010, and we expect to repeat our success on the home ground and win gold medals again.

«Khanty-Mansiysk will hold this competition again, as it was in 2010, and we expect to repeat our success on the home ground and win gold medals again»

Credit: “UgraMegaSport” webpage / Alexandra Kosteniuk, a three-time winner of the Chess Olympiad (2010, 2012, 2014)

— Can you already say who will definitely be in list of the women's team exactly?

— I think it is too early to talk about it, because before the Olympiad we still have to defend the title of the current World and European champions this year. Certainly, one of the participants of the national team will play at the Olympiad, but there are still too many significant tournaments ahead that will be taken into account during the final choice.

— When will the participants of the World Chess Olympiad be known exactly?

— According to the regulations of the Olympiad the teams are announced two months before the start of the competition. I think the coaches will make a final decision on the composition and announce it at that time.

— Taking into account the experience of the previous Olympiads, which participating countries are our main opponents? How are we going to win? What will be the main thing in preparation? What points will you emphasis?

- For several years the main opponent of the women's team in the Olympiad has been the team of China, the current Olympic champions. Traditionally the teams of Ukraine and Georgia also fight for medals. Many Asian teams have pulled up recently. They, also, should not be overlooked in a year.

— Will the preparation training camps be organised, where and when?

— Next year we will organise several team training camps. We select the time and place taking into account the calendar and climate. The choice of available sports facilities of the Ministry of Sport is extensive at the moment; we organised team training camps in Moscow Region, Sochi and Kislovodsk. We will also think what suits us better next year.

— What are the strong points of Russian national team?

— Apart from the fact that we have quite strong and titled chess players in our team, we have a so-called “extensive reserve”, which women's teams, apart from Chinese team, cannot boast.

— Khanty-Mansiysk will host the Olympiad for the second time. What can you say about the previous World Chess Olympiad 2010, what do you remember about it? What are your feelings about the Olympiad 2020?

— At the Olympiad 2010 I participated as a player and I can say that at that time it was one of the best Olympiads in terms of organization. After that Baku raised this level in 2016 and still holds it. We have to reach them.

The FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich making the first move in the game of Alexandra Kosteniuk against Ju Wenjun | Photo by Maria Emelyanova/Chess.com.

Credit: the webpage of the President of Azerbaijan